Environment and Occupational Safety Policies;

- Raising awareness in Occupational Safety and Environmental Awareness topics and providing trainings to support this awareness
- In the process of production, adopting it as a principle to be friendly with nature and environment, removing the negative interactions or at least reducing them to their minimum
- Implementing the state-of-the-art technology that minimizes the occupational accidents and environmental pollution, and always monitoring the developments in these areas
- Complying with all rules regarding Environmental and Occupational Safety and abiding with the conditions of all relevant institutions
- Preventing the occupational accidents and raising awareness in all workers in terms of working with minimum risk of accidents
- Managing the relevant processes together with Occupational Safety Expert, Work Place Doctor, and Environmental Engineers and including all our employees in the relevant teams.

Social Responsibility Policies;

- Managing projects with schools that gives training related to our field of activity, creating internship opportunities to the students in these schools that will allow them to apply the theoretical knowledge they learnt through their education
- Supporting successful students with internships, creating employment opportunities for the successful students after their graduation
- In environment related projects, working together with NGO and participating in their projects
- Adopting it as a principle to become a part of all organizations that was constructed for our children that is the guarantee of our future

Quality Policies;

- As Nova Converting, using all our resources along the customer satisfaction and expectation without sacrificing from the quality and taking preventive measures before the emergence of errors
- Raising awareness among all our personnel regarding our quality criteria and permitting that the production takes place with this awareness
- Targeting the quality above the maximum quality in our field as our firm aims global scale expansion
- As Nova Converting, contributing the expansion of packaging industry in bational and global market with our quality perspective

Information Security Policy;

- Complying all legislation and agreements related to the Information Security
- Systematic management of the risks that can be developed against our information resources
- Providing technical and behavioral trainings to raise awareness in Information Security
- Execution of our Information Security Policy is based on Privacy, Integrity, and Accessibility elements for both our employees and firms we are working together

Energy Conservation Policy;

- In the entire firm raising the consciousness of using all the resources in an efficient way, primarily with the natural gas and electricity consumption.
- In the process of investments and service acquisitions, always taking into consideration the energy efficiency dimension
- In the present energy efficiency procedures, doing continuous improvements and making the entire team participate in such undertakings
- Permitting the production process with an awareness of global importance of the energy efficiency

Our Vision

Which is to become a leader in our industry by developing and delivering diverse equipment, technologies and services that cater to converters' needs, and by being actively involved in making the flexible packaging printing and converting industry an environmentally sustainable industry.

Our Mission

Not only to sell machines to flexible packaging converters, but also to offer a global solution at the time: competitive and personalized equipment, service, support, innovation and knowledge through Nova Thub.