NOVA is in our DNA

Nova Converting is born out of everyone’s volition and great loyalty. The desire to be successful is rooted in our depths and present in our DNA. We are cognizant of the challenges of developing machines, producing, and selling them and providing services under difficult and competitive conditions and we believe that it is impossible to be successful without hard work and sacrifice.

We believe that we should be besides our customers to make them acquire competitive advantage against their rivals and win the orders of their customers. While we are listening to our customers, we are also looking for solutions that will assist in their struggle against the hardships present in the industry. The results and success of our customers prove us right and encourage us further.

It is not important the how difficult is and will be to walk on the road of development. We believe a world where hard work pays off.
We want to continue our competitive and sustainable growing potential in a way that creates added value to both our firm and our country. In this industry, everybody is doing a challenging work and as such everybody that is busy with doing hard work has a responsibility to consider and design for the future.

We are responsible for the future generation.

We are Nova Converting and we take pride for this.

Our Vision

To become a leader in this industry, to actively participate in the transformation of flexible packaging material production industry to an environmentally sustainable industry via developing different equipment, technology and services that meets the demands.

Our Mission

It is not only selling machines to the flexible packaging industry, at the same time it aims to provide a global solution via Nova THUB, a competitive and personalized equipment, service, support, innovation, and knowledge.